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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Embracing the Divine Mystery

SO much of my life, I felt I was stumbling through – not having any idea of my purpose or direction. I NEVER knew what I wanted to be, and it seemed my directions all happened by chance. Now every obstacle in my life has been cleared away and I have never been so happy to be who I am. I could never imagined the wonder I feel today of such total faith, love, and happiness.

I recently searched for the Bible scripture about “God has a plan for you" (Jeremiah 29:11), to share with someone who was struggling with this same issue of “not knowing” … only to realize the message was meant for me. The wonders I am experiencing now in my life could never be so sweet had they been anticipated, wished for, or expected. God KNEW all along what my greatest joy would be – the wonder and awe of the unexpected blessings and miracles.

I will forevermore embrace the divine mystery, the place of not knowing, as one of life’s sweetest of blessings.

Blessings in lak'ech

Debra Malmos- Jaguar Woman

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Power of Love

Dear Ones,
I receive so many political messages encouraging one action or another. This is my response to ALL of them.

I don't believe that we can rely on the understanding OR INTEREST of ANY government official to come to our salvation. They already know the facts and haven't stepped up to the plate. It is simply not in their interest to do so. When will people see that we have all been controlled THROUGH OUR OWN FEAR. THAT is the single marketing message that keeps everyone off balance, and side-tracks us from standing in our greatest power and from seeing how truly blessed we are.

What I do believe in is the power of LOVE. I believe the simplest answer is that we all turn off our TVs - whether it's CNN or FOX - if we took 10 MINUTES out of our day to turn to God, acknowledge that HE is still in control, and ask only that we love one another as ourselves - even the bad guys - that our turnaround would be swift and sure. We would SEE and be able to RESPOND in the best way possible TO turn things around.

NO ONE EVER ultimately succeeds from a position of fear. That is the VERY STRONGHOLD of control that has led us to this place.

My most cherished teachers have taught me that Peace on Earth is an inside job. When EACH one anchors themselves to this truth - refuses the offer of fear - and strives to exist within LOVE for all God has given us, THEN that peace will flow out like a river to purify everyone on earth. To stand in God's love is a light so bright that no darkness can prevail within it.

I know we can not stick our heads in the sand - we were all given the sacred right of choice. What is right for one, may be a mistake for another. Who can even say what the right thing is to do anymore? We have empowered these people, and we have turned our whole future over to them - hoping they will do the right things.

I encourage everyone to GO TO THE SOURCE - the ONLY SOURCE that can truly bless us in the purest of intentions. Don't spread the fear that they so hope we will succumb to, forgetting our true power is found in the unseen forces of God's love.

Love the earth, love your brother, love your enemy, love yourself, and love every experience. Love is the only answer. Have we forgotten that the most profound lesson in history is about someone who loved so much, that they would even give their life for us?

To me - THIS IS THE ONLY MESSAGE WORTH SPREADING. We are NOT DEMOCRATS NOR REPUBLICANS - what a lowly way to define who we are, when we are ALL children of God, we are all here due to His GRACE, and there is STILL SO MUCH BEAUTY in the world.

in lak'ech
Debra Malmos - Jaguar Woman

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Flowing in the River as the Divine ONE

I am experiencing the miracles that result when we unite ourselves in the Spirit of lak'ech. This is the Mayan greeting, which means - I am another yourself (or I am you, and you are me).

When we give to another, recognizing we are giving to ourselves - we are open to the divine miracles that follow. This came forward to me today in such a profound way.

When I first moved to Tucson, I had given up a household of belongings in order to finance the move. What seemed like a total personal failure, immediately led to such freedom - that even in the not knowing - it still felt like a blessing.

When I arrived in Tucson, friends had emptied their storage lockers to furnish my new place - I walked right into a furnished apartment.

Now, as I plan a move to Seattle - there is little, beyond boxes, that needs to go along. The friends that furnished my place, no longer want these belongings and the costs of storage that they would represent.

Today, I met a young man who is in process of turning his life around. He is moving to this complex with only a bed - less than a week before I will be moving on. Instead of my stuff going to Goodwill - it will go straight to him to furnish HIS new place IN FULL. The only thing I didn't have to pass along WAS THE BED - he already has.

I have never felt so blessed, guided, protected - and coasting along on the river of divine Spirit. The key that unlocks this divine flow - is simply seeing one another as OURSELVES.

This WAS the most important teaching Jesus ever shared - to love your brother as yourself - in truth - HE IS YOURSELF!!!

In lak'ech
Jaguar Woman

Love is ENERGY - Pass it forward!

The Journey - Conversations With God

Love in a Recipe - Mom's Chocolate Sheet Cake

One of the things I love about my Mom, is that everyone who enters the door is offered something wonderful from her kitchen - this is my favorite thing. This is seriously one of the best recipes in my entire collection - the fastest and BEST chocolate cake you will ever lay hands on. You just can't screw this up!

Mom's Chocolate Sheet Cake

The Cake...
2 Cups Flour
2 Cups Sugar
1 Stick Butter
5 Tablespoons Hershey's Cocoa
1 Teaspoon Vanilla
1 Cup Water
1 Teaspoon Soda
1/2 Cup Buttermilk
2 Eggs
1 Teaspoon Salt
1/4 Teaspoon Cinnamon
1/2 Cup Oil

First - preheat the oven to 400 degrees (that is not a typo).
Get a big sauce pan, you are going to mix the batter in there. Melt the butter with the oil, water, and cocoa and bring to a boil. Take off the stove immediately, and add all the dry ingredients, EXCEPT THE SODA. Dissolve the soda in the 1/2 Cup of Buttermilk, then add this, the eggs, and vanilla and mix till smooth. Pour batter into a sheet cake pan - those big pans that are a little deeper than a cookie sheet. (I line mine with parchment paper, or grease and dust it with flour.) Bake for 20 minutes ONLY, or until it springs back.

The frosting...
You are going to use the same saucepan, so rinse and start over for the frosting. This doesn't take long, and you pour it over the cake while it is still hot - only 5 minutes out of the oven... so I usually start this about 5 minutes BEFORE the cake is done.

1 Stick Butter
5 Tablespoons Hershey's Cocoa
1/3 Cup Buttermilk
1 Teaspoon Vanilla
1 Box (2 1/2 Cups) Powdered Sugar
1/2 Cup chopped pecans (optional)

Melt the butter with the cocoa til well dissolved. Add the buttermilk and vanilla - mix. Add the powdered sugar and keep this on a low burner... just to keep it from setting while you are mixing. By now, your cake should be out of the oven - add the nuts if you want them in the frosting - then pour this over the cake. (The frosting sets up like a homemade MMMMM fudge and holds all the moisture in the cake... will stay moist for days like that.)

OMG - Never baked this for ANYONE that they didn't go ape over it. You can leave out the cinnamon, though just a tad is unrecognizable - just "something" good people can't quite put their finger on. TRY IT.

I'm packing boxes for my move, and just couldn't bear the thought of not being able to find this recipe that I love so much. Hope you enjoy it. AND THANK YOU MOM!